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Open Massilia

Friday 12nd November  2021

Women Team Competition C1

Qualifying competition  for :

  • the MASTER MASSILIA on Saturday

  • the TOP MASSILIA Finals on Sunday


This competition is open to all delegations not qualified for the C4 of the OG /WC 2021

  • 4 Gymnasts (born in 2007and before), at least 1 Senior gymnast

  • 1 coach

  • 1 judgewith the current FIG brevet 2017/2020 (affine of 500€ will be applied in case of missing judge).


The competition is open to Senior gymnasts (at least 50 points) and Juniors (at least 48 points).

The team ranking will take into account the 3 best scores of the teamat each apparatus.


Please note:

The number of the gymnasts at the Open Competition is limited. The registration will be recorded according to the definitive registration madethroughthe official competitionwebsite.


Tournoi cigales espoir/avenir 

Friday 12/11/2021 - Saturday 13/11//2021

The Open competition concerns young gymnasts:

  •  « Espoir   Cigales » born in 2008  2009  and 2010, Junior FIG programm with awarding points (programm coupe Espoir FFG) 

  • « Avenir Cigales » bornin2011 and 2012, RERJ program (movements 3/4/5)


This INDIVIDUAL competition will be held after the regular competition OPEN MASSILIA on Friday 12ndfor the « Espoir» and on Saturday 13rd morning for the « Avenir».


Master Massilia 

Saturday13rd November 2021 16:30  to 19:30

Women team Competition C1 :

Direct selection to the individual finals

Open to all delegationsselected for the C4 of OG /WC 2021


Delegations will be composed by

  • 4 Gymnasts (born in 2007 and before) at least 1 senior gymnast from the OG /WC 2021

  • 1 coach

  • 1 judgewith international FIG Brevet 2017/2020(a fine of 500€ will be applied in case of missing judge).

The team ranking will take into account the 3 best scores of the team at each event


The ranking will nominate the Winner of the MASTER MASSILIA 2021and the 3 top gymnastsranked at the individual all-around competition from the team competition.


The “GYMNOVA CUP” will reward the 3 best Junior gymnasts of the MASTER COMPETITION.


Top Massilia

Sunday 14th November 2021 15:00 to 18:30

Individual Events Finals

The first 10Senior and Junior gymnasts of the individual all-around competitions of the Master and the OPENat each apparatus will be qualifiedfor the Individual Finals.

The competition will be organized on C3 FIG on the 3apparatus (UB /BB/ FX) and on C3 Junior for the vault.

However, to be qualifiedfor the VAULT finals, the gymnasts will have to perform 2 different vaults on Friday or Saturday competition.


Gala Massilia

Sunday14th - November2021 15:00-18:30

Conditions for participation :

By the side of the invited artists or groups, all the delegation will be welcome to take part in the GALA with some special presentations.

This show represents, for the Elite Gym Massilia O.C, the gift to our faithful spectators. It is also the way to show the expertise without any competition stress, and the pleasure to practice Gymnastis all around the World.