Please note! Pre-registration is now closed.

For all registered teams, please fill in the nominative lists before 20 October.


  • The team arrival will be possible from Monday 8thNovember, with additional charge

  • All the teams must arrive before Thursday11stNovember noon in order to take part at the technical meeting and drawing of lots.

  • The training on Thursday will be organizedaccording to the arrival time

  • Rules for registration




all registration and all the extra payment had to be made on our official website :   - page « inscriptions »

* Definitive  Registration                             20th September 2021  on website

* Nominative registration                            15thOctober 2021  on website

* possibility of modifications untill             2thNovember 2021  on website

* Insurance form and IBAN                              2thNovember 2021  by mail or fax



As soon as you will send the registration forms, you will receivea confirmation by email, with your password in order to finalize the nominativeregistration and all information regarding your delegation.

You will be also allowed to download all technical information, prize moneys table for participation and performance and various information.

Late registrations will be accepted only if there are some available possibilities but will be subject to fine.